Help Solve Cold Case Murders

A Citizen Detective can play a very important role in efforts to help solve cold case murders. Digital literacy is a skill set that will serve these digital volunteers and citizen solvers in their journey of how to become a cold case investigator. It is important to seek out those also doing this work and doing it in a thoughtful and safe manner. Here you can learn if they use a cold case database in their research. You might even ask are cold case files available to the public? That would depend on the state and local law enforcement. You can easily use Google to find these answers or other desktop research tools.

These questions can be written down, or questions can be asked allowed. You might even decide to use digital applications to seek out these repositories of information. As mentioned before, these are deepened on the state. For instance, a cold case database California may exist, but a cold case database Florida might not. This is where a cold case homicide checklist would be helpful. You can include demographic information on this checklist, but recommend looking at a timeline, evidence, the people involved, important maps, and resources.

It may be hard to understand, but a cold case investigation game is something that might be helpful in your training to help solve cold case murders. This will strengthen your investigation skills and help you gather resources. Cold case investigation shows are also useful in learning cold case investigation techniques. These techniques could include victimology, statement analysis, and educating yourself on past cold cases. There are many channels that cater to these shows and audiences, and there are also many streaming shows and services that exclusively carry investigation, forensic, and true crime shows. These are great for learning and entertainment.

Solve The Crime

For those looking to solve the crime, they need to be sure they are not doing any undue harm to families, the memory of the victims, or the opportunity to prosecute in the future. To be a volunteer cold case investigator means ensuring you are properly learning about cases and tactics to do thoughtful research. One way to keep learning is to test theories and questions. One way to do that is to solve fake crimes online. Crime solving games online will present fake crime cases to solve. There are games and Reddit threads that position fake crimes as a game to solve and learn from this will help you hone your Citizen Detective skills.

Ultimately, the ability to solve real crimes online is ideal. But we know that will take time to create and processes need to be put into place to secure against bad actors, but we believe at Uncovered that by cultivating resources and visualizing cold cases to activate citizen detectives, we’re building a community around collective impact. We believe we can reduce the need for law enforcement, use our collective impact and success of the platform to influence public policy, and ultimately start getting wrongful murder convictions overturned and cold cases solved. By no means do we think we can do this in one day, one month, or even one year, but it is past time to start working on something that matters—together.

The key way to move forward in this mission is to build cold case resources for those who currently consume true crime content in the form of podcasts, documentaries and online forums. If resources can be provided, they can set into motion the collective impact theory that by partaking in an activity that you enjoy, you can help do good with a few additions or modifications that feature crime cases to solve.

Consider this

More than 200,000 unsolved cases have gone cold since 1980, and murder clearance rates continue to drop. With equity for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other underserved victims not prioritized in the true crime community—together we can do better.

Unsolved Cases Files

The best start to start is unsolved case files when looking to solve cold cases. Finding these files is sometimes difficult. They don’t exist in one place. This is why Citizen Detectives are important for this work. To help solve unsolved crimes means collaboration with a lot of different people. It also means using platforms, tools, and databases that are very specific.

For instance, if you need to perform a homicide case lookup you could look at local law enforcement for resources, or a simple Google search will show that there are is a database tracking how many unsolved murders in us, The Murder Accountability Project. This online resource and nonprofit is tracking America’s unsolved homicides. They exist to offset America’s poor job monitoring and registering unsolved homicides. The rate at which police clear homicides through arrest has declined over the years until, today, about a third go unsolved. The Murder Accountability Project is a nonprofit group organized dedicated to educating on the importance of accurately accounting for unsolved homicides in the US, by obtaining information from federal, state, and local governments about unsolved homicides and publishing them online.

It is sad to think that no one knows all the names of homicide victims because no agency in America monitors homicide investigations by local police departments. The actuality is that even the official national statistics on murder are estimates and projections based upon incomplete reports by police departments that voluntarily participate in federal crime reporting programs. Some do not contribute to this important data. For these reasons, creating a platform like Uncovered is very important.

Through collective impact, online crime solving groups can gather data that can be linked to serve as a source of truth of recent unsolved murders and tracking those from previous years. This work can help future victims and bring peace, justice, and closure to the victims of these crimes.

How To Start A Cold Case Investigation

If you are interested in true crime and unsolved cold cases, you have probably asked yourself how to start a cold case investigation. If this has crossed your mind, you have perhaps searched questions such as how to get a cold case reopened, how to get involved in cold cases, how to look up a cold case, or even how to look up homicide cases. These are all exceedingly crucial in the work of a Citizen Detective and will be key to guiding your research and work.

To pursue this interest to help solve cold case murders first, compiling a list of cold cases (either local or aboard) or a list of unsolved murders (those that are famous, infamous, or little known) will be paramount to uncovering answers for these families and bringing justice to victims. While it may seem salacious to search these cases, it is important to remember that these are not just stories, but they are people. Families deserve answers; victims deserve a voice, and no one should be a statistic.

If you begin with the most famous unsolved murders at the top of this will probably be Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper is London’s most infamous serial killer who lurked, prowled, and stalked the East End of London more than a hundred years ago. He would target sex workers, brutality murdering them, and terrorizing the area. The Black Dahlia—aka Elizabeth Short—was a small part actress in the 1940s. Her horrific murder was front-page of many news outlets when her naked body was found in a vacant lot. Her killer would never be brought to justice, and her death would be labeled as one of the most gruesome unsolved murders. While these cases took place many years ago, and we will likely never know who the true murders are.

Solve A Cold Case Game

Recently, the concept of cold cases as a game has been popular. Using the resources we have discussed, one would solve a cold case game. These are usually in the form of a board game with an online component. These games have names like Hunt A Killer and Unsolved Case Files. They are both a solve the murders case game. They can be purchased at many places, for instance, unsolved case files game Walmart.

With the online component, participants can go find unsolved case files game answers on the internet where other players trade information. The unsolved case files game online makes collaboration easier and unsolved case files online. It is also true that unsolved case files game pdf files are also online, unsolved case files pdf files can be downloaded. This makes the unsolved case files game printable free if you share among players. This is great for unsolved case files game online free searching via Google to find answers. The most popular installment in this game is unsolved case files Jamie Banks. Other installments look at unsolved murders by state.

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