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Janet Renee Field

A 49 year old woman vanishes after an argument with her husband

  • Last updated: November 27, 2022
  • Scottsville, VA
  • July 2, 2014

Overview of Janet Renee Field

Janet Renee Field is described by loved ones as a nice, intelligent, and altruistic person.

Janet, also known as Renee, was also described as an incredibly private person. She didn’t have any social media accounts, she wasn’t a member of a church or any other community organizations and mainly stayed on her 22-acre property with her husband, Lewis. Janet did, however, keep in routine contact with her family members, specifically her parents, who she spoke on the phone with at least once a week.

Janet and her husband, Lewis Field.

The days leading up to her disappearance.

On June 29, 2014, Janet and her husband, Lewis, traveled to Richmond, VA to go shopping. The next day, June 30, 2014, Janet spoke on the phone with her parents, one of her usual weekly routines. The phone call with her parents as well as the trip to Richmond have both been confirmed by cell phone and financial records.

Janet leaves her home and does not return.

Around 1:00 pm on July 2, 2014, it is reported that Janet and Lewis got into a “minor” argument. After the argument, Janet got into her burgundy 2010 Subaru Forester, VA registration WNP2591, and left the couple’s home. That evening, when Janet didn’t return, Lewis called her parents to ask if she had driven to their home. When he learned that she was not there, he visited the Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office the next morning to report her missing.

“She was always a very private person. She only talked to a few people. She didn’t leave the house a whole lot. I just cannot see her up and leaving and not letting her family know what was going on.” - Bridget Cooper-Whorley, Janet’s cousin.

Two days later, Janet’s car was found.

On July 4, 2014, Janet’s car was located in Zion Crossroads, VA at a Park & Ride, which is nearly 20 miles away from her home. Inside the car, investigators found her car keys, cell phone, and purse, but they were not able to find any money or her credit cards. Authorities initially consider testing the car for any DNA evidence, but ultimately decide that her DNA and Lewis’ DNA is likely to be all over the car, so DNA testing didn’t seem necessary at the time.

“To me, with Renee being such a private person, I can’t even understand why her car would have been at that park & ride where her car was found” - Bridget Cooper-Whorley, Janet’s cousin.
Janet's car in the Park & Ride parking lot.

The search for Janet begins.

Authorities quickly sprung into action after learning about Janet’s argument with Lewis as well as her private, quiet lifestyle. Investigators thoroughly searched around the area where Janet’s car was found, even using cadaver dogs and bloodhounds. Authorities also conducted a search of Janet’s home. Nothing was found during any searches.

“Obviously, in any case where a wife goes missing, statistically people always look at the husband first,” Captain Wells said. “We have interviewed the husband in-depth on some things, and are not 100% satisfied with some of his answers. He’s a very flat person, so he’s difficult to get a read on.” - Capt. David Wells, Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office.

As for Lewis, when given a polygraph examination, the results showed “indicators of deception”. Some time after Janet’s disappearance, authorities contacted an unidentified female living in Texas who, at one point in time, had an affair with Lewis. Authorities were able to determine the woman was not involved in Janet’s disappearance.

Where the case stands today.

“There is a big box with all of the information on the case and I often look through it to see what I may have missed and have other officers look through it to get some fresh eyes on it. We’ve had state police look it over, too,” he said. “It’s sad because her mother died shortly after this happened. We’d really like to solve it for the family” - Capt. David Wells, Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office.

Today it has been more than 8 years since Janet’s disappearance and she remains listed as a missing person with the Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office. No one has ever been officially labeled as a suspect or person of interest in her case. Authorities have noted a lack of leads entirely during most of the investigation. If you have any information, please contact the Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office at (434) 589-8211.


  1. Date Missing:July 2, 2014
  2. Age at Incident:49
  3. NAMUS Number:MP26628
  4. Race:Caucasian / White
  5. Gender:Female
  6. Height:5'7"
  7. Weight:130-160 lbs
  8. Hair Color:Blonde

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