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Della Hillard

Hillard was last seen in Houston, Texas on May 3, 1988. She said goodbye to some friends on May 3, 1988, around 8PM about a half hour later, she told another friend on the phone that she was going to sleep. She has never been seen or heard from again. Hillard's boyfriend went to her house the morning of May 4, 1988, but Hillard wasn't home. He reported her missing after learning she wasn't at work. Hillard's car, a 1979 AMC Spirit sedan, was found the next day at an apartment complex at 12800 Dunlap, about a mile from her home. The car appeared to have been ransacked and her purse was missing. There was blood on the back and the side of the car. There was no sign of her at the scene. Hillard's apartment appeared in order and nothing had been taken. Some of her windows were open, but she often left them that way. She had moved out of an apartment complex into the house just two months before she disappeared. Foul play is suspected. (Information retrieved from NamUs.gov)

  • Last updated: March 29, 2019
  • Houston, TX
  • May 3, 1988


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