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Unidentified Person

2011 Larimer County Jane Doe

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  • Last updated: March 20, 2023
  • Fort Collins, CO
  • July 11, 2011

Overview of 2011 Larimer County Jane Doe

The decedent checked into Motel 9 at 3634 East Mulberry Street on June 27, 2011, arriving by taxi. She paid for the room in cash through July 11, 2011. On July 11, she did not show up for breakfast as had been her custom. Since it was her last paid day, the staff assumed she had checked out. They entered her room with a master key and found her deceased on the bed with pills at her feet and a bright blue, granular purging coming from her nose and mouth. There was no suicide note but autopsy results showed a massive overdose of multiple medications and case was ruled as a suicide. Luggage and other items were found in the room but all identifiers had been meticulously eliminated before death. It was later learned that she had stayed at other motels in the area, always taking a taxi, paying in cash, and giving false and different names. She told Motel 9 that her name was Sandra Nelson, of 5203 Bosa Ave., Park City, Utah. This was later found to be a non-existent address and false name. She also stated that she was originally from Los Angeles and was looking for a house in this area.

Estimated Date of Death: 12 hours prior State of Remains: Recognizable face Cause of Death: Suicide

Dentals: Not available. Natural teeth but with partial upper denture. Fingerprints: Available. DNA: Available.

Clothing: Brown/black/white paisley pullover top, black undershirt, black bra, black pants, white cotton panties, white socks, and black shoes. Jewelry: White metal earrings, white metal chain necklace and a white metal wristwatch. Additional Personal Items: Two suitcases with miscellaneous clothing and toiletries. Black plastic framed Rx eyeglasses. Walking cane. Unmarked baggies of pills and medications. A black purse with a wallet but no personal information. A bible. A book, The Political Teachings of Jesus.

The Doe Network Case Number: 1234UFCO


  1. Date Found:July 11, 2011
  2. NAMUS Number:9890
  3. Race:Black / African American
  4. Gender:Female
  5. Height:5'6"
  6. Weight: 211 lbs
  7. Hair Color:Black, graying with white in front around her face
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