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Unidentified Person

1991 Hartford County Jane Doe

Can you help identify this Jane Doe?

  • Last updated: March 6, 2023
  • New Britain, CT
  • October 11, 1991

Overview of 1991 Hartford County Jane Doe

The victim was located near railroad tracks on Myrtle Street in New Britain, CT. Near to what was once called "The Fafnir Building". The body was wrapped in an olive Army blanket, inside dark garbage bags. There were no apparent matches in the New Britain area. She was buried in 2003 and exhumed in 2011 for the FBI to create a facial reconstruction. The DNA Doe Project is currently invesigating the victim's case. They have had difficulty narrowing down suitable matches for the woman, but released a list of potential surnames in August 2019. The closest detectable relatives of the woman were in New York, Connecticut and Puerto Rico (specifically near the Moca area). The names include: Acevedo, Aviles, Badillo, Cajiga ,Calderon, Camacho, Cardona , Cardosa, Colon, Cordero, Cortez, Crespo, Feliciano, Figuero, Gerena, Gonzales, Hernandez, Jimenez, Lopez, Lorenzo, Luciano, Martinez, Medina, Melendez, Mendez, Mercado, Miranda, Morales, Negron, Nieves, Olivera, Pardo, Pelgrin, Perez, Perez, Raices, Ramirez, Ramos, Reices, Rivera, Rivera, Rodriguez, Roldan,Santiago, Gonzales, Soto, Tollado, Torres, Valentin, Velez, and Vera

Identifiers Dentals: Available. Extensive dental work on upper and lower teeth. Slightly enlarged upper-right canine tooth.She had a small tooth protruding from her mouth. Wishdom teeth had not emerged. Fingerprints: Not available DNA: Available Clothing & Personal Items Clothing: A white sleeveless sun dress with "Panda Bears" pattern on it, one Panda holding a red ice cream cone, one Panda holding a red umbrella, one Panda holding a yellow heart-shaped balloons and two Pandas holding each other. Jewelry: Unknown Additional Personal Items: Unknown


  1. Date Found:October 11, 1991
  2. NAMUS Number:8821
  3. Race:White and/or Hispanic
  4. Gender:Female
  5. Height:5'5"
  6. Weight:130 lbs.
  7. Hair Color:Black
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