If you’re driving in Olympia, Washington you’ll see this billboard.

For 14 years, Karlee Bodine has been searching for answers in the murder of her mother, Karen Bodine. In her latest effort to get her mother’s case front and center, Karlee has purchased a billboard in the community where her mother was found murdered on the morning of January 22, 2007. Many factors led Karlee here, among which is the way in which her mother’s case was initially handled, with a focus placed on her mother’s addiction struggles and personal life, rather than a murder victim with a family in need of answers.

Beyond her efforts with a public billboard, Karlee has worked to activate others on working on her mother’s case via a Facebook Group with an audience of more than 1,000. While Karen’s case may be among some 200,000 cold cases in the U.S. that remain unsolved, she is not just a statistic. She deserves a voice, and Karlee deserves answers.

You can learn more about Karen’s case on our cases tab. Here, we outlined all the elements of her cold case: the overview, people, timeline, map, and sources. We are always searching for more info, and we encourage you to add to this case. We believe through collective impact we can uncover answers for families, families, just like Karen’s.

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