We want to tell your loved one’s story with compassion and accuracy. 

With that in mind, we have created some guidelines around the types of information we source in our case files. We encourage you to only share information that you are comfortable sharing with us and that can be made public. It is vital that we uphold the integrity of the case. 

Public Information: 

We primarily visualize cases with publicly available information, including: 

    • Newspaper Clippings
    • Local news coverage
    • National Center Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)
    • Charley Project
    • NamUs
    • The Doe Network
    • Law Enforcement Agencies 
      • Crime Stoppers
      • Local Police Agency
      • Federal Bureau of Investigation
      • Sheriff’s Department
    • Books
    • Documentaries / TV Shows
    • Podcasts
    • Missing / Wanted Posters 

Currently, we do not accept TikTok videos as they are often not a primary source of information.

Case File Documents

You are NOT required to share sensitive case information with Uncovered. We encourage you to only share what you are comfortable sharing. If at a later date, you want to share additional information with us, you can.

Important: We will never publish post-mortem or graphic crime scene images.

We can include case file documents, including: 

    • Police Reports
    • Interview Transcripts/ Recordings
    • Birth/Death Certificates
    • Autopsy Reports
    • Toxicology Reports
    • Phone Records
    • Property Records
    • Court Records