In the United States, there are over 200K unsolved murder and missing persons cases. Here’s a look at some of the cases that the Uncovered team and community have uploaded to our growing interactive database this week.

Crowdsource gaps in public timelines, offer sources and provide feedback on data collecting by visiting these cases and interacting with the timeline and source list. All of the cases have opportunities for you to add information quickly and simply. Your assistance in piecing together details may aid in the discovery of answers in these unsolved cases. By sharing these cases with your network, you can make an instant effect and help keep them in the public eye, which will lead to further information.

Crystal Ann Tymich

Missing since June 30, 1994, from Los Angeles, California
This beautiful 6-year-old was outside playing with her three brothers and other neighborhood kids when she went missing. Her brothers were called back to the house, but Crystal did not return with them. Few clues exist about what happened to her that day, though suspicion has most recently shifted to a neighbor. View the digital case file


Beth-Ellen Vinson

Murdered in August 1994 Raleigh, North Carolina
Beth-Ellen had big plans at 17 years old and she wanted to do it all on her own. To help make ends meet, Beth-Ellen began escorting. In the early morning hours of August 16, 1994, Beth Ellen answered a call for an escort opportunity. She never returned. Her body was found a week later laying in a ditch, covered with cardboard. What happened to Beth-Ellen that night? View the digital case file


Lori Ann Boffman

Missing since August 5, 2006, from Youngstown, Ohio
This mother of three was having a great week – she one $1,000 in the Ohio lottery. She was eager to spoil her family with that money at a big party on August 6, 2006. On the day of the party though Lori begins to act strangely and erratically. Her family and friends are concerned for her and wonder if it could be related to some new medications she had just started. Several days later, Lori’s car is found crashed, but she is nowhere to be found. View the digital case file


Lynn Dyer

Missing since July 1, 2010, from Indianapolis, Indiana
Lynn was 67 years old when he mysteriously disappeared. After not hearing from her father for a few days, Lynn’s daughter reported him missing. It was determined that he had stopped paying his utility bills shortly before he disappeared. If you know anything about what happened to Lynn, please contact the Indianapolis, Indiana police department. View the digital case file


Wilhelmina Whitewater

Missing since July 31, 2018, from Tsaile, Arizona
Wilhelmina left her house in Tsaile, Arizona on July 31st, 2018 with the intention of coming back. She never returned or contacted any family members. She has not been seen since. Wilhelmina “Mina” Denise Whitewater is a registered member of the Navajo/Dine tribe. Please contact the Navajo Police Department if you know what happened to Mina. View the digital case file


Donald Messier

Missing since December 23, 1974, from Fort Worth, Texas
Beloved Vermont native and NASCAR fan mysteriously vanishes after a party—along with his bright red truck. Curiously, none of the part goers participated in the search for Donald and their reluctance to talk about the case has led some to think they may know more about what happened to Donald than they are saying. For over 15 long years, his family has waited for some sort of resolution as to what happened to Donnie. View the digital case file


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