We’ve recently partnered with our friend, John Lordan of LordanArts on a brand new Youtube series called LordanArts Uncovered. John is also the host of Brainscratch and Searchlight on Youtube and was featured in Netflix’s Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel documentary.

This series will be released every other Wednesday on the LordanArts Youtube Channel. Be sure to subscribe (and turn on post notifications) to be alerted when new videos go live! 

About the Case

On October 28th, 1991, an unknown man calls 911 after finding 27-year-old Jamie Santos turning blue. While talking with the 911 operator the man is nervous but still corrects the operator. The caller has never been identified. Can a mysterious 911 call lead to Jamie’s murderer?

Location: Wheeling, Illinois 

What’s Next? 

There are multiple ways you can make an impact on Jamie’s unsolved murder.

Police believe that the 911 caller could hold the key to unlocking this mystery.  Statements from law enforcement vary on whether they believe the caller was the actual perpetrator of the crime; they do agree, however, that this person could hold information valuable to the investigation. Share and listen to the audio recording of the 911 call. Can you identify the caller’s voice?  

Consider sharing Jamie’s visualized case on your favorite social media platform and participating in the case discussion happening in the Uncovered community.

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