By: Uncovered Staff

Over the summer of 2022, Uncovered partnered with our friend, John Lordan of LordanArts, to collaborate on a YouTube series! John, the host of Brainscratch and Searchlight on his channel, is accompanied by our own Rachael Rosselet, our Head of Case Research and Data, as well as Andrea Cipriano, our Case Researcher and Content Specialist. 

Every other Wednesday, episodes of LordanARTS Uncovered are published where we discuss unsolved cases that deserve more attention. We examine the people within the case, break down the timeline, and scour maps and videos to try and get to the bottom of what happened.

Catch up on all of our episodes below!


What happened to Connie Royce?

Connie Royce arrived at a popular bar on Friday, June 1, 1990 with two men. She left alone. Can security camera footage shed light on her 32-year-disappearance?


Who Killed Nicole Coleman?

After Nicole was murdered, her father wrote in an emotional Facebook post: “Nikki, I want people to know there was a lot more to you than just the mental health issues.” Could someone have taken advantage of Nicole’s kind heart?


Why was Elizabeth Barraza executed?

Elizabeth Barraza was setting up for an early morning garage sale at her Texas home when she was gunned down in her driveway. The murderer was captured on multiple cameras, but they have never been identified. What can you make out of the footage?


Who abducted Angie Hammond?

Angie Hammond was a popular and outgoing 20-year-old looking forward to her unfolding life. Could her last phone call to her fiancé hold clues to her disappearance — or possible abduction?


Who Killed Jamie Santos?

Jamie Santos, an exotic dancer, was incredibly street-smart and “one tough cookie.” Could an unidentified man’s 9-1-1 call hold the clue to Jamie’s murder?


What happened to Kaysera Stops Pretty Places?

Is the investigation into the untimely death of Kaysera Stops Pretty Places yet another example of Indigenous women slipping through the cracks…or something more sinister?


Where are Diamond Bynum and King Walker?

A two-year-old boy and his mentally disabled aunt disappear from home. Did they go on a walk and get lost, or did something more sinister take place?


What happened to Anna Marie Scivetti?

Could an order of protection against Anna’s former abusive ex-boyfriend shed light on what happened to this aspiring singer?


Are these the last images of Tiffany Whitton?

A woman vanishes after an incident with Walmart Loss Prevention Officers. Where did Tiffany go when she got into the parking lot?

Kidnapped and Murdered: Nancy Eagleson

A young girl’s remains are found in the woods after being kidnapped seven houses from her home. Who would abduct and violate this 14-year-old girl?


Missing in Malibu: Elaine Park

20-year-old Elaine Park spent the night with her boyfriend in Calabasas but suddenly left in the morning. She was last seen on surveillance footage leaving in a hurry. Her car was discovered abandoned five days later in Malibu — with the keys in the ignition and her phone, ID, and bag all still in the car.


Found in a River, Was this Suicide or Homicide?

On January 27, 2013, Patrick Lee Mullins took his boat out on the Braden River sometime between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. to test an engine he’d recently rehabbed. A week later, his body was found attached to a 25-pound anchor with a shotgun blast to the head. His death was ruled “undetermined” and later reclassified as a homicide in 2020.