This past summer, Uncovered partnered with our friend, John Lordan of LordanArts, to collaborate on a YouTube series called “LordanArts Uncovered.” John is the host of Brainscratch and Searchlight on YouTube, and was featured in Netflix’s Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel documentary. The Uncovered team members working on the series are Rachael Rosselet, our Head of Case Research and Data, as well as Andrea Cipriano, our Case Researcher and Content Specialist.

Episodes are released every other Wednesday on the LordanArts YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe (and turn on post notifications) to be alerted when new videos go live! 

About Kaysera’s Case

Is the investigation into the disappearance of Kaysera Stops Pretty Places another example of a murdered indigenous woman slipping through the cracks, or something more terrifying?

On August 29, 2019, Kaysera was out with friends in Hardin, Montana when others in the group got into a confrontation, resulting in the police’s arrival. Ultimately, Kaysera and others when running — but Kaysera was never seen again. Her body was found days later in a backyard near where she was last seen.

What’s Next? 

There are multiple ways you can make an impact in helping to solve Kaysera’s murder.

Kaysera’s family has created a YouTube channel where they’ve uploaded videos to give greater context to Kaysera’s case. You can also take action by signing and sharing the Justice for Kaysera petition asking for the FBI and others to step in on the case.

Consider sharing Kaysera’s visualized case on your favorite social media platform and participating in the case discussion happening in the Uncovered community.

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