A screenshot of the surveillance footage where Nicole Coleman was last seen alive.
With over 200K unsolved cases of the missing and murdered in the United States alone; media coverage matters. Uncovered has partnered with John Lordan of LordanArts on a new Youtube series called LordanArts Uncovered.

John is also the host of Brainscratch and Searchlight on Youtube and was featured in Netflix’s Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel documentary. Every other Wednesday, John, Rachael (Head of Case Research and Data), and Andrea (Digital Content Specialist & Case Researcher) will explore an unsolved case of a missing or murdered person. They’ll walk through the case, providing an informative overview and analyze clues left behind from surveillance footage, last known video, or audio clips.

Uncover the Case 

Angela was a popular and outgoing 20-year-old looking forward to her unfolding life. Could her last phone call to her fiancé hold clues to her disappearance?

Angie Hammond was newly engaged and four months pregnant when she called her fiancé Rob Shafer on the night of April 4, 1991. She was just out for the night driving around with a good friend, and decided to call Rob at his parent’s house before she headed back to their shared home in a nearby mobile home community.

Their phone call was cut short when suddenly, Angie screamed, and Rob says he heard a male’s voice say that he didn’t need to use the payphone anyway. Petrified, Rob got in his own car and sped to the location where Angie called, only to hear a woman scream “Rob!” out of a window of a truck going the other direction.

Rob says he frantically chased the truck down the main road of their small town, Clinton, Missouri, before they turned off onto a side road and vanished. Rob and his car were left behind, broken down after the chase.

What’s next for the case? 

The Clinton Missouri Police are asking locals to step up and help — especially after a theory was introduced that this kidnapper took the wrong Angela.

Read this ransom note that investigators have in their possession, and look at this suspect sketch. Do you recognize the individual or recognize the description Angie reportedly gave to Rob before she vanished? The more eyes on Angie’s case, the better.

“Hello No [redacted]
We know who you are No [redacted]
People like you deserve what you
Get we know where your foxy
Daughter is at she will see us
Soon tell [redacted] she has our
Deepest sympathy in her
Further loss
Goodby [sic] [redacted]”

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