Photo of Rachael Rosselet (Head of Case Research and Data), John Lordan, and Andrea Cipriano (Digital Content Specialist & Case Researcher)

Uncovered is thrilled to announce that we’ve recently partnered with our friend, John Lordan of LordanArts on a brand new Youtube series called LordanArts Uncovered!

John is also the host of Brainscratch and Searchlight on Youtube and was featured in Netflix’s Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel documentary. Every other Wednesday, John, Rachael (Head of Case Research and Data), and Andrea (Digital Content Specialist & Case Researcher) will explore an unsolved case of a missing or murdered person. They’ll walk through the case, providing an informative overview and analyze clues left behind from surveillance footage, last known video, or audio clips. Be sure to subscribe (and turn on post notifications) to be alerted when new videos go live!

About the Case

Can video evidence shed a light on her 32-year disappearance?

Connie Royce, 24, disappeared from a bar in Mount Clemens, Michigan on June 1, 1990. She is seen on camera arriving in the evening with two men — later identified as a new date and the man’s friend — but by 11 pm, Connie stumbles out of the bar alone with her shoes in hand, leaving her purse behind. There has been at least one unconfirmed sighting of Connie, but beyond that, she vanished.


What’s Next?

There are several ways you can directly help Connie’s case. Learn more about her case. We suggest following along with the case visualization while watching the LordanArts Uncovered video. Additionally, The Already Gone podcast episode “Missing in Michigan” has really informative coverage of Connie’s case. Do you notice anything unusual in the surveillance video? Join the discussion happening in our Uncovered Community.



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Could Connie’s case be connected to Paige Renkoski? A substitute teacher was last seen on May 20, 1990, after she dropped her mother at the airport. Her car was found idling along the shoulder of Interstate 96 in 1990.