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Add your name to our watchlist. We’re always looking for awesome talent who believes victims deserve a voice, families deserve answers, and no one should be a statistic.

Our Values

Insatiable Curiosity

Whether it’s the missing information that could crack a case, the details of a feature that could unlock new opportunities, or the improvement of an existing internal process, our curiosity knows no bounds.

Inclusive by Design

We find value in all people. Whether it’s giving voice to the underrepresented, advocating for the underdog, or extending an olive branch to the communities we wish were better.

Technology for a Purpose

Technology has the power to solve big problems in the world. We are intentional about using data to create systems of efficiency and discovery, but not arrogant enough to not see when a human lens is more powerful.

Bias For Action

To change the future, we can’t wait for someone else to give us the green light. It’s our nature to jump in and do something, share our findings before we’re ready, and know that done is better than perfect.

Together We Can

While no one can do everything, everyone can do something. When we put our mission above ourselves, we can encourage and elevate others, creating a collective impact as a force of nature.