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Maryland Murders

Multiple local, county, and state law enforcement and investigating agencies in Maryland offer detailed reports on their websites regarding the number of crimes and murders in Maryland by year. In addition to local and state websites, the Federal Bureau of Investigation issues an annual Uniform Crime Report which details the types of crimes, their rates and statistics per year, and the general location where each crime is committed within every city, state, and county. Another great resource for researching homicide statistics or cold cases in each state is Project: Cold Case, which not only has a public cold case database, but also has a webpage that is dedicated to showing the number of unsolved homicides in every state in the United States from 1980-2019. According to this page, between 1980 and 2019, there were around 24,540 murders in Maryland, and as time passed, approximately 16,677 of those murders were solved, leaving law enforcement with roughly 7,863 unsolved murders in Maryland. As previously mentioned, Project: Cold Case also has a public database which contains the basic information for almost 25,000 cold cases across the United States.

Some of the types of cold cases which can be found within Project: Cold Case’s database, as well as within lists of cold cases on law enforcement websites, include unsolved murders in northern Maryland such as the 1975 murder of Paul Lentz, the 1980 murder of Roy Lewis, the 1975 murder of John William Clark, the 1988 murder of Mary Kelly, the 1990 murder of James Blakeley, and the 1979 murder of Jerry Alan Stauffer, among others. Other types of cold cases are the many unsolved central Maryland murders, which include the following: the 1979 murder of Leroy Bass, the 1979 double murder of Carvel and Sarah Faulkner, the 1986 murder of Robert Keyser, the 1996 murder of Jody LeCornu, the 1981 murder of Thomas Billy Dement, and the 1997 murder of Milton Davis Harrod, among several others.

In addition, unsolved murders in Annapolis, Maryland, are often included as well. Some examples include: the 1996 murder of Ruth Sharlene Metcalf, the 2015 murder of Shannon Blaire, Jr., and the 2005 murder of Timothy Marsh, among others. Some of the many unsolved murders in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, include the 1988 murder of Sharon Koontz, the 1970 murder of Raymond Franklin Randall, the 1970 murder of Pamela Lynn Conyers, the 1993 murder of Joanne Shuey Valentine, the 1989 murder of Mary Kathleen Grant, and the 1974 murder of Charles Edward Crusoe, among numerous others.

Unsolved Maryland Murders

According to Project: Cold Case, there are currently around 7,863 Maryland cold cases as of the website’s latest update. Project: Cold Case’s database, as well as any local and county law enforcement websites, along with the Maryland Police’s cold case website, have organized many of the unsolved murders in Maryland. Others included on the websites of law enforcement are some of the many northern Maryland unsolved murders: the 1975 murder of Paul Lentz, the 1980 murder of Roy Lewis, the 1975 murder of John William Clark, the 1988 murder of Mary Kelly, the 1990 murder of James Blakeley, and the 1979 murder of Jerry Alan Stauffer, among many others. Also among the lists are unsolved murders Annapolis, Maryland, which include the 1996 murder of Ruth Sharlene Metcalf, the 2015 murder of Shannon Blaire, Jr., and the 2005 murder of Timothy Marsh, among several others. Additionally, other unsolved murders Maryland included in the lists of cold cases are the many east Maryand unsolved murders. These include the 1970 murder of Shirley Cole, the 1987 murder of Sheree Magaro, the 1986 murder of Carolyn McComas, the 2001 murder of William Elliott, the 1990 murder of Reuben Mosley, and the 2010 murder of Preston Morehouse, among numerous others.

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Famous Maryland Murders

Many of the most famous Maryland murders may not sound familiar initially, but nonetheless, a handful of the names on the list of murders in Maryland, list of all murders in Maryland, list of Maryland murders, and notorious Maryland criminals, that are commonly found listed on the websites of various law enforcement and investigating agencies’ websites may sound familiar. Some of the most infamous Maryland murders include the 1989 murder of Tracey Kirkpatrick, the 1996 murder of Jody LeCornu, the 1954 murder of Carolyn Wasilewski, and the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, among many others.

Homicide Rate in Maryland

According to the 2019 Uniform Crime Report issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the violent crime rate in Maryland was approximately 454.1 per 100,000 Maryland residents. In summary, this means that in 2019 alone, roughly 454 out of every 100,000 inhabitants of Maryland were directly impacted by violent crime, including rape, homicide, assault, and burglary. According to the same report, in 2019, the homicide rate in Maryland reached around 9.0 per 100,000 inhabitants, meaning that in 2019 alone, approximately 9 out of every 100,000 people living in Maryland were murdered.

Annapolis, the capital city of Maryland, has a population of only 39,000 residents, which makes it significantly smaller than most other populous cities in the state. In 2018, the violent crime rate in Annapolis, Maryland, was approximately 544.84 per 100,000 inhabitants, and the 2018 Annapolis, Maryland, murders rate was approximately 2.53 per 100,000 inhabitants. Although there is no definitive way to know exactly how many murders in Maryland 2021 or how many murders in Annapolis, Maryland, 2021 there are yet, we can assume, based on archived crime rate reports, that the number of homicides committed in both Annapolis and Maryland as a whole are slowly increasing annually.

Anne Arundel County Murders

Today, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, has a population of over 586,000 inhabitants. The exact number of Anne Arundel County murders in the past few years is unknown, but based on Uniform Crime Reports published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in recent years, we can get a good idea of the current trends for crime. Anne Arundel County had 14 murders in 2016, 13 in 2017, 22 in 2018, and 16 murders in 2019. Based on these figures, the number of murders in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, appears to be rather stable, but fluctuates slightly each year.

In most homicide cases, investigators are able to collect enough Anne Arundel County murders evidence in order to prosecute their main suspect with the homicide, before bringing them to Anne Arundel County murders trial for the crime they committed. Different types of evidence are commonly included in Anne Arundel County homicide trials, including DNA evidence, physical evidence, and testimony evidence, but most commonly crime scene photos. Anne Arundel County murders crime scene photos are almost always included in their homicide trials in order to show the jurors the scene where the crime was committed, the relative location of any items of evidence around the scene, and in order for the prosecutor to share how the crime most likely occurred.

Annapolis, Maryland Murders

Due to its relatively small size and population, murders in Annapolis, Maryland, appear to be much less common than those in many other large cities in Maryland. A large majority of both the recent and decades-old murders in Annapolis, Maryland, have been resolved, and law enforcement and other investigators continue to use their time and resources in order to investigate the remaining unsolved homicides. As you might expect, Annapolis murders discussion will relentlessly continue on the many popular social media platforms, including Reddit, Facebook, and Websleuths. There, individuals speculate and share information about the various unsolved murders, discussing their own theories among themselves. A popular point of discussion within these posts and threads is often Annapolis murders pictures, Annapolis murders crime scene photos, and even Annapolis, Maryland, murders autopsy photos, which are very rarely released to the general public, even once a particular case has been solved.

Recently, rapid advancements in DNA technology have led to the resolution of hundreds, or even thousands, of cold cases all across the United States, and of course, Maryland is absolutely not the exception. Some of the many cases where Annapolis murders DNA, as well as DNA from crimes in other parts of Maryland, was recently utilized in order to either solve or bring new information to cold cases include the 2010 murder of Michael Anthony Temple, the 1985 murder of Roger Kelso, the 1982 murder of Stefanie Watson, and the 1982 murder of Laney Lee McGadney, among many others.

Maryland Serial Killers

Throughout its history, Maryland has had to deal with more Maryland killers than you might initially think. Maryland’s most famous serial killers can be found among many different types of serial killer lists, including Maryland serial killer list, and list of serial killers in Maryland. A couple of the most well-known Maryland serial killers include: Joe Roy Metheny, who murdered anywhere from 4-10+ sex workers in the 1990s, and Jason Thomas Scott, also known as the “Mother-Daughter Killer,” who murdered 5 women from 2008-2009, among a few other Maryland killers.

Crimes in Maryland

If you want to learn more about the statistics for crimes in Maryland, several local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies publish early reports, which can be found on their websites. These reports show, in detail, the types and number of crimes committed in each city and county in every state. For example, you can find both recent and archived Uniform Crime Reports which have been published on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s website, which also includes a report for crime in Maryland.

Unfortunately, it seems as if there may never be an end to the numerous Maryland homicides and true crime stories in Maryland that occur annually, despite law enforcement’s best efforts. As per Project: Cold Case’s homicide statistics web page, there were approximately 24,540 murders in Maryland from 1980-2019, and 16,677 of those murders were eventually solved, yet leaving roughly 7,863 unsolved murders in Maryland as of the website’s latest update. Despite all of this, with the recent advancements in DNA technology, as well as by looking at the diminishing number of cold cases in Maryland, it seems that the number of Maryland true crimes will eventually lessen significantly, no matter how long it takes.

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