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The murder of Nancy Eagleson remains one of the most puzzling and heartbreaking unsolved crimes in Paulding, Ohio history. Sixty-two years have passed, but the quest for answers and justice continues — thanks to new media attention and relentless content creators.

Can experts, family members, and the true crime community come together to dust off and solve this mystery?

On Thursday, February 16, 2023, Uncovered hosted a special event, “Justice Delayed: The Renewed Effort to Solve the Nancy Eagleson Murder Case.”

Typically for our webinar events, live attendance is free — but event replays are reserved only for paying community members.

This is different.

With the newfound interest in Nancy’s case and the ongoing efforts to keep her in the limelight, we feel it’s incredibly important to keep spreading the word in hopes that anyone with information will come forward.

Below is the full replay of our event. Scroll down further to learn more about our expert panelists and get a list of all the extra content mentioned.

Meet the Panelists

Meet Nancy Eagleson

Nancy Lee Eagleson was born on July 3, 1946, to Don and Bettie Eagleson. She was their firstborn child and the light of their eyes. Don, her father, managed the Paulding bowling alley, and her mom worked at the local drive-in. 

By all accounts, Nancy was well-liked and had many friends. One of the most treasured mementos for the Eagleson family is Nancy’s “Joke Book” where she kept jokes, riddles, and stories that made her laugh.  Her family and church were very important to her.

At only 14 years old, Nancy was just beginning her journey in life.  Like many girls her age, Nancy longed to grow up a little bit faster than her parents might have wanted. 

In her book “I Was A Mother To A Teenage Girl,” Nancy’s mom shares how Nancy pleaded with and begged her parents for months to buy her a pair of high heel shoes so she could be like the other girls. Nancy knew that this purchase was something that would be a luxury purchase for her family, but like many kids her age, she kept at her mom until she relented.  On Saturday, November 12, 1960, the pair finally went shopping for her first pair of high heels.

A day later, Nancy and her 5-year-old sister Sheryl missed their ride back home after church. Ominously, Nancy told a friend that it must be an unlucky day for her, superstitiously noting that it was the 13th day of the month.

No one would be able to grasp the weight of her comment until later.

On the way back home after a movie showing that evening, Nancy and Sheryl were walking along well-light town streets. They were nearly 800 feet away from their house when a man in a car pulled up next to them and asked if they wanted a ride home. They say no, but in nearly a heartbeat, the man jumps out of the vehicle and snatches Nancy, putting her in the back seat of his car. While Sheryl fights for her sister, the man knocks her to the ground.

All she remembers is a man wearing thick black glasses and a fedora. His car is described as a large blue/black car with funs running along the sides.

Later that night, Nancy’s murdered body was discovered in nearby woods.

Additional Content

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If you have any information regarding the unsolved murder of Nancy Eagleson, please contact:
Paulding County Sheriff’s Office: (419)399-3791
Brian Dugger: [email protected] (419)708-8093.

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