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Patricia Leventhal

Leventhal was last seen by her husband at 23:30 on August 21, 1991 driving her 1991 blue 4 door Volvo, VIN number: YV2JA894OMA029773, Louisiana Tag 955X356. Possible direction of travel could be Louisiana where she possess an RN License. She grew up in Ruston, after attending A.E. Phillips School, Ruston High School and Louisiana Tech University, she had married a successful doctor and moved to Naples, FL. with her two children from her previous marriage. The family was doing well and Patty, a registered nurse, had volunteered her time as a school nurse at her children's school. Wednesday, August. 21, 1991, Patty returned to her home after church choir practice. She and husband were relaxing in the Jacuzzi when she left to go get a cola. She never came back. Collier County sheriff's deputies found her Blue 1991 Volvo in the parking lot of an apartment complex a short while after her disappearance. No fingerprints or clues of any kind were found. All of Patty's credit cards were monitored for activity. There was none after her disappearance. (Information retrieved from NamUs.gov)

  • Last updated: June 3, 2020
  • Naples, FL
  • August 21, 1991


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