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Edward Dubbs

Edward Dubbs was last seen at his place of employment (Hayes Williams, Inc. which is a Public Relations Firm located at 261 Madison Ave. NY, NY) on Tuesday, June 09, 1981 at approximately 5:05pm. Mr. Dubbs did not show up to work the following day. His employer found this to be very unusual, so he contacted Newtown Police Department. A check of his residence showed that the home was secure and no vehicle or persons were present. A search of the interior of the home indicated that Mr. Dubbs did not return home on June 09, 1981. Mr. Dubbs was reportedly about to break off his relationship with his live-in lover. (Information retrieved from NamUs.gov)

  • Last updated: August 12, 2020
  • Newtown, CT
  • June 9, 1981


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