Suspicious Death: Danniella Vian | About


“I'm not looking for vengeance. I’m looking for answers. I want to know what happened,” — Julie Thomas, Danniella’s mother-in-law. 

The circumstances surrounding Danniella Vian’s death are suspicious, at best. It’s one of those cases that, on the surface, appears that it could have been accidental. A deeper dive; however, suggests that it may be more nefarious. Can you help solve the mystery of what happened to Daniella?

When you think of the southern U.S., Alabama is definitely one of the states that jumps to the top of one’s mind. It’s interesting to consider that this state, sandwiched between Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi, has only 60 miles of shoreline. There were talks of annexing the Florida panhandle (which almost the entire state of AL is situated on top of) when the country was young, but they ultimately failed. Mobile, Alabama in the far southwest corner of the state is situated on an inlet in that 60-mile stretch. It is here that Daniella Vian made her home with her young child.

At 25 years of age, Daniella was a young, single mother who was working hard to get her life in order so she could provide a better life for her daughter. Friends and family say she was an outgoing and social person who made friends wherever she went. She was a dedicated mother and always focused on what was best for her daughter. Though things had been rough for Danniella, she was actively creating a plan to get things on track for her and her child. July 17, 2018, was a key step forward in that transition - she had finally saved up enough money to purchase a car, a 2014 Chevy Cruz. Daniella goes out later that night to celebrate her purchase. She lands at the Heroes Sport Bar & Grille to hang out with Randy, a coworker, and friend, while he worked. She is later joined by Denson White and Mallory Kentworthy who came to watch the MLB Allstar game. Daniella did not know Denson prior to that evening but did know Mallory through mutual friends. According to Randy, Danniella, Denson, and Mallory left Heroes in their individual cars and went to Dublins to wait for him to get off. What happened to Danniella after that is unclear. At first, her family thought she had lost her cell phone again, and expected to hear from her soon. However, when two days has passed with no word from Daniella, they began to fear the worst.

For almost two years, her family waited and searched for Daniella. In April of 2019, an off-duty sergeant was out mapping locations for MPD dive team training in Saraland on Bayou Sara Creek. His sonar picked up something strange, so he marked it for the dive team to investigate during training. When the dive team returned with the appropriate equipment, they discovered Danniella's car and her remains not far from the boat launch.

LE says that Danniella's death appears to be the result of an accident. Although they are not actively investigating the case, they have left the investigation open and will follow up on any tips or information submitted. Her family though still has many questions about her death.